Battery repair and building

If you need a custom battery for a project like a robot or an electric bike but you don't have the equipment and expertise, I can help you. After building several batteries over the years, I acquired the tools and experience necessary for this risky task. Please fell free to contact me with the details of your application and your budget. We will then talk about it and if you are interested, you can place an order.

  • Electric bike / Electric scooter battery diagnostics and reparation
  • Battery design for electric bikes, scooters, robots...
  • Spot welding, cell-level fusing, capacity test, full current test
  • 18650, 21700, pouch cells, Headway 38120, and more.
  • Custom 3D Printed cell holder
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Are you interested?

Please feel free to contact me, we can then discuss your project, needs, and budget. No strings attached!