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Export and view private keys of Google Authenticator for Bitwarden or backup.

Some time ago, I needed to export the private keys of my Google Authenticator in order to use them on a password manager that supports OTP generation, like Bitwarden.

You can export the QR Code and use a python tool to decode it, but I went with a different method. It requires your phone to be rooted.

I used the app JuiceSSH to open a local terminal on my phone.

Then: su

You will get a prompt to accept the Root Access.

cd /data/data/ cp databases /sdcard

Then you can copy this file on your computer and with SQlite3, you can view the content. sqlite3 databases

SELECT * FROM accounts;

All the keys will be displayed before your eyes. They key itself is on the third column. Don't leave the file on your sdcard or somewhere not safe. It's pretty sensitive!

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