Migrate ZFS pool from Freenas to Proxmox

I am migrating my "NAS" and all that was installed on it to a different computer.

I used to have a Freenas with a few iocages containing Plex, Radarr/Sonarr/Jackett, Deluge ...

I want to migrate all that to Proxmox for the added flexibility and being able to have only one computer running instead of a small server and my NAS when I need it.

I just took my disks from my Freenas, shoved them in my proxmox and connected them (hotplug). Disks were detected automatically by the OS.

I ran zfs import (as root/sudo obviously) to see if the disks were detected by ZFS: zfs import result

Now to import the pool, I simply did:

zpool import -f bigpool

zpool import bigpool result

bigpool being the pool name.

And now zfs list shows all my folders and the mount points!

Now I can move on to install all my services!

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